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Congratulating Miku for six glorious years of bringing us some of the greatest songs. Happy birthday! :cake:

Birthday Song for Hatsune Miku-…
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Gallery Folders

Len's art by missing-fortunediver
Magical Mirai Release by Vocalmaker
Miku rainha de copas *Miku queen of hearts By Alan by hirkey
Miku brasil Ver. 2014 By Alan Morais godinho by hirkey
Akikoloid-chan by CeciliaRinChan
Vocaloid - Akikoroid-Chan by Akage-no-Hime
Aoki Lapis
Aoki Lapis by GihonVinrian
Aoki Lapis by Nyashkaa
Aoki Lapis Shimeji (DOWNLOAD IN THE DESCRIPTION) by Banshee-Strikes
AVANNA by spark300c
pop punk rock avanna by spark300c
Btch Stole my Friend- Vocaloid PV by Yay-123
Big Al
Big Al brings a bit of Summer by byBibo
Big Al by zexionthebook98
Big Al : V2 by Sartika3091
Big Al by JustoKazu
Black Rock Shooter
new deadmaster sig by Secton
Black Gold Saw by Secton
Black Rock Shooter scene 002 by Chantal90
Blackgodsaw2 by Secton
Bruno and or Clara
VOCALOID 3 MAIKA by Banshee-Strikes
FANART MAIKA-Vocaloid3 by marina094 by marina094
CLARA + BRUNO (Vocaloid-doodle) by xPiko-Chanx
Tan Natural by D-Artemisatto
Chinese Vocaloids
Dreaming Luo TianYi by ilooovejirachi
Yuezheng Ling by GreenFrogSina
Luo Tianyi by sasokity
Luo Tianyi by YouJustGotAnimated
Collaboration Project
Vocaloid Collaboration Final Product by NeoSailorCrystal
Rio - Vocaloid Collab by xPiko-Chanx
kagamine len synchronicity by jaypoi
Zhiyu Moke by HanaUsagi-chan
Comics and Games
Ask 2 (from by nena-linda-pink
::_when she wants to hug you_:: by Zatsune-sama
Rosa y Romero -GxL Comic Pg 62- by Narumo
Alluring Secret-Sins For Love-Chapter 1- cap 22 by BLEEDFan95
Contest Entries
NOTalys by tinyliar
ALYS design contest by byBibo
ALYS - CONTEST SUBMISSION by kowaretaenzeru
Welcome contest - Miku by Yvanya
vocaloid: officers off-duty by whatinthequoi
Hatsune Miku Secret Police Cosplay: Keep Out! by SpicaRy
Hatsune Miku Miracle Paint Cosplay by SpicaRy
[Casual] Hatsune Miku Love Philosophia Cosplay by SpicaRy
CULture by Ami-Magane
Make your VocaloRevolution by TarantulikoSM
Hello/How Are You? by CatGirlSLP
Kaito como fondo de pantalla ^3^ by oOChriiztiinhaOo
Cantarella Desktop by Tsubaky13
Vocaloid New Desktop by Tsubaky13
Defoko Head Shot (MS Paint) by AskAkita-Neru

Mature Content

Defoko - I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry - Gomenne, Gomenne by ForeverAcinom
UTAU: Defoko by Haneoka
Defoko/Uta Utane by ColinVoice
Improved Fl-Chan by arskuma
FL Studio: FL-chan by Haneoka
FL-Chan Icon by DUSKvsDAWN
Lets Boogie FL-chan by qrullgx13
Free Icons
Tone Rion Icon by DUSKvsDAWN
[ f r e e ] GALACO Icon by Misaaya
Galaco Cursor by Armor-of-Fire
free icon - IA by K0ii
(MMD) Gakupo - Ai kotoba + VIDEO LINK by Shadow--Legacy
Kamui Gakupo by Zenigirl65
Gakupo Kamui by yamashyn
kabuongyoku by Elle-Rei
Galaco by Ami-Magane
Vocaloantique WIP - Galaco by Narumo
Galaco by april4luck
Galaco! CV Version by CarleighE
Gumi by Cometshina

Mature Content

Sun and Sand by OpticalPopcorn
Love Doll by SauceBox16
Gumi Bunny by Kai-koi
Daughter of White Dl by mizuki12341
Vocaloid - HAKU by RynSama
haku by yoya-hanona
Haku, a failure? by novcel
Hatsune Miku
Miku Hatsune by Kai-koi
Reaching for the Sky by LunaticLenny
- nature's lullaby - by Blizz-Mii
vocaloid: ready to race! by whatinthequoi
Hibiki Lui
lineart + shading of ia sketch by tiggythepiggy
V3 - IA by OurHands
Amateras by 400Four
Items and Collectables
Yukata Miku by Bellechan
A cute surprise! by Bellechan
Music Art by HunterX-v2
Valentine's day card by HunterX-v2
Kagamine Rin Len
RIN POWER!+links to thangs by sydpie
Kagamine by OpticalPopcorn
Len Kagamine by KamyGG-Chan
AT: Rin by Ceriri
Vocaloid KAITO Icon by miss-somnis
blue lagoon by fuumika
Pocky game by Roiner-Rinku
Project Vocaloid - Hopeless by aeroblade7
Kasane Teto
Kasane Teto 2 by tetsuok9999
Furikketa by Kagamine33
ChibiMaker Kasane Teto School uniform by Myrisakura
ChibiMaker Kasane Teto Rainbow Days by Myrisakura
(Hiyama Kiyoteru) Brilliant Eve by NatsuNoSora
Blank Entity by digorylarynith
Kiyoteru: Harmony Blues by digorylarynith
Hiyama Kiyoteru by NatsuNoSora
Don't Leave Me Alone... by TemmieVega1999
The Wave of the Sound by TemmieVega1999
VOCALOID COVER - Unhappy Refrain - Lily_V3 +MP3 by VeRTiGo-P
Lily Lily Prisoner of the Night by ConejoBixJR
Nana Macne Petit by PiercePapercraft
Anotherbleepingnana by Geekune
Mayu by Ami-Magane
Mayu vocaloid 3 by SakuraAlice33
Mayu by Dizzyzebra
MAYU by the-electric-mage
Mee and Uu by Mawari-Yu
Miau by HanKaoru
Meaw by Gobi-the-dog
Megurine Luka
Megurine - Cosplay signature. by KurohanaAkane
No Logic Colored by Xephos49
pink lady by fuumika
Palette by VercheLicious
Evil Food Eater by UglyTree
MEIKO Linart ~ by ECookie
Master of the Graveyard by UglyTree
At the beach by Bahlinka
Pixiv Style Meme ft. Kagamine Len by OrangeCornPuff
Switch around meme by naitsuko
Cantarella X'D by Umii-tan
We love you by Mimoru-chan
Mew on the Moon by BoboSweet
VOCALOID3 Mew by Hidaomori
Mew by Hidaomori
Momone Momo
Momo Momone by qrullgx13
Momo Momone by ozzybob
The Beast - Momo Momone by WonderfulMelody8
Momo riding Nyan Cat by magicturtlerock
.: Kakera :. by Alice-Hato
Feel the Color by LegolasGimli
Ask me anything! | CLOSED (fttb) by DEN-2
[MMD] Viva Happy! (Video) by KamyGG-Chan
Nekomura Iroha
Nekomura Iroha by KawaiiNyanko
Nekomura Iroha by KawaiiNyanko

Mature Content

You destroyed my world by Taiki74
Nekomura Iroha by yukisasara
Miku and neru by Roiner-Rinku
Just Neru by Enginveit
Ordinary by novcel
Neru Tea Time by Nek0Miki
Non-Vocaloid Appearences
red dots by Shebra-Evilver
Hibiya Amamiya [Fast Doodle] by irzhie
Ene by Liizzieh-Koi
Oliver by Jewelcat
Vocaloid - Oliver by KawaiiChibiArtist
Oliver (almost) shirtless by irzhie
Oliver SNK version by irzhie
PRIMA - Ave Maria by Vocalmaker
Vocaloid Prima Stamp by BrunaLH
Prima Icon by DUSKvsDAWN
Project Diva
Got Ya! by LittlePieceOfMagic
SPiCa Video by GrayFullbuster21
Hello Kittyler Rio by jonasjutsu
Rio (Kei'S Kittyler) [PAPERCRAFT] by RekaOpe
Chibi Rio by nya-nannu
Synchronicity Ruko by wavily
Ruko Yokune Cursor by Armor-of-Fire
Yokune Ruko Icon by DUSKvsDAWN
Yokune Ruko by keenan905
''M-Matsu Stop!!! You don't need help with that-'' by kasanexkagamine
I want that candyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy by kasanexkagamine
Vocaloid: Headphone Actor - Gachapoid by kasanexkagamine
Vocaloid: Gachapoid KEI style by kasanexkagamine
SeeU by Gaz-Monster
peach jello by fuumika
::..::.Hide-And-Seek.::..:: by Geellick
SF-A2 Miki
Miki by NorthDream
Miki by VercheLicious
SF-A2 Miki Headshot by LegolasGimli
SF-A2 Miki smartphone wallpaper by Liizzieh-Koi
Sonika: GAME OVER by hen-tie
Sonika Icon by DUSKvsDAWN
Rude boy : Miku style by byBibo
Suzune Ring
Ring Suzune by Patissierre
Suzune Ring by DearKyoume
Ring Suzune by Dianny-chan
Sweet Ann
Sweet Ann: Surrender to a Dream by hen-tie
Sweet Ann : Oh No! by byBibo
VOCALOID: Sweet Ann by Haneoka
Sweet Ann Icon by DUSKvsDAWN
Tone Rion
Pokkan Girl! by Louna-Ashasou
Welcome by 2kaze
Tone Rion by t0xicmuffins
+ToNe RiOn+ by ConejoBix
Utatane Piko
Piko by pianorei
Utatane Piko ~ Sketches by ECookie
What is it? by TamashiineKasuka
Utatane Piko: Fake or Fate? by byBibo
Gott ist tot by AsymptoticWay
Happy 4th Anniversary Yami! by Ruuya
Hekine Chinji Official Art by Snow-Songstress
Gigantic O.T.N. - feat. Dean by Xiairo
Vocaloids and Non Vocaloids
Rana by Ami-Magane
VOCALOID: ''Rana''bow by niekaori
Miku Hagane by Ami-Magane
Prime Passion by ErinPrimette
VY1 and or VY2
VY2 in SnK by OnizukaMiyako
Happy Birthday, VY2 by OnizukaMiyako
Badass VY2 by OnizukaMiyako
YOHIOloid~ Come on~! by ECookie
Vocaloid ~ YOHIOloid by ECookie
Yohioloid by Banshee-Strikes

Mature Content

Poor YOHIOloid it is not fair!! by byBibo
Self-made Kaai Yuki head by xXJustForFunXx
Kaai Yuki by BLOSSyay
Kaai Yuki Fanart Sketch by SunsetAtDusk
Calalini by Fusaex3
Yuzuki Yukari
Stuck by OpticalPopcorn
Yuzuki Yukari by Zombiekinz
Yuzuki Yukari by EUNNI-CHAN
Yuzuki Yukari by TaiKatsu05
Zatsune Miku
Rain stops goodbye by chiita07
Miku Zatsune by PiercePapercraft
Zatsune Miku: Will My Voice Be Heard? by DarkStarAngelo


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